1. This competition is aimed at inspiring and motivating the vibrant Sri Lankan  blogging community to get more involved in the art of blogging!
  2. This competition is open to all Sri Lankan bloggers.
  3. We will monitor your articles for one month and the criteria for judging the winners will be as follows:
    1. 20 articles with the highest “total views” would be shortlisted. This would be based on the industry standard plugin from JetPack. Only unique views are calculated. View more here. Please note that views are not updated real-time!
    2. From the above 20 articles, the first 3 places would be selected by an independent judging panel. Criteria for judging will be based strictly upon the content, image chosen and overall outlook. You may choose to write your story on ANY topic! No bias would prevail as to the topic written on.
  4. The competition will run for a month – starting on the 22nd of July to the 22nd of August.
  5. The following cash prizes will be awarded to the winners:
    1. 1st place: Rs. 7,500/-
    2. 2nd place: Rs. 5,000/-
    3. 3rd place: Rs. 2,500/-
  6. The content published by the authors must be their own work. Any type of plagiarism, if detected, will disqualify that article from being counted for the competition.
  7. As a gesture of acknowledgement to our initial authors, we have decided to shortlist the following top 5 articles so far in the final list.:
    1. I became alive when I died… by Inimnar Herath
    2. Love by Inimnar Herath
    3. කෙල්ලෝ කොල්ලෝ මේ දෙගොල්ලෝ by Blitz
    4. You by Inimnar Herath
    5. රාජ්‍ය විශ්ව විද්‍යාල හා පෞද්ගලික විශ්ව විද්‍යාල by Pathum Vidanagamage

    Please Note: Why I Stopped Watching Porn by Poseidon Olympian has been omitted as the author is a member of the Liyamu team.

  8. However all present articles are still eligible for the competition.
  9. All Liyamu rules published here apply to the competition. If an author is found to be in breach of any of those rules, those articles would be disqualified.
  10. Winners would be contacted directly by the Liyamu team and the authenticity of both the author and the contents would be then verified.
  11. If the same author has authored more than 1 story in the winning articles list, only the best story would be counted. The next author in line would be given the next position. Please note that this is not to discourage any author, but to give more opportunities for all authors!
  12. We will make all efforts to personally contact the author. In case, after all options have been exhausted, and the author is not contactable, the next winner would be given the price.
  13. If the author is not living in Sri Lanka, the Liyamu team will take steps to make use of an alternate method of payment such as PayPal®.
  14. All communication would be via the Liyamu administration page and any other details provided by the author upon registration in Liyamu (social network profiles, emails etc.)
  15. If you need further clarification with regard to the rules, please drop us an email on

Good Luck!

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