1. How do I write an article?

Easy. Click the “Write a story” button, Login, and start writing!

  1. How I publish the article I wrote?

Click the “Submit for Review” button from the add post page and your article is published for review. We will review the article within 24 hours and publish the article on

  1. It’s been more than 24 hours! My article is not published!

Please go through rules (at, we may have omitted your article due to non-compliance of one or more rules.

  1. I didn’t break any rules! My article is not there!

Please contact us through we will give you our fullest support and provide an explanation why we didn’t publish your article.

  1. How do I create an account?

Click on “Write a story”. Login with Facebook or Twitter or any other social media profile of yours. Alternatively register using your email by clicking on “Register”.

  1. Why can’t I log in to my account?

Make sure that your browser is logged in to the Twitter or Facebook account that you used to create your Liyamu account. You can verify which account you are logged in to by visiting etc. If you closed then restarted your Twitter / Facebook account, read this question.

  1. I am being told my email is already in use.

It is possible you have a previously created account on Liyamu created via the social network other than the one you created your Liyamu account with. You can check by logging in to Twitter or Facebook, and then try signing in to Liyamu. If neither of those work, contact us at

  1. I am being told my Twitter / Facebook account is already in use while connecting in my settings.

You might have a second Liyamu account created by using either Facebook or Twitter. You can check this by logging out of Liyamu and signing in using the account that is already in use. If you no longer want that account, you can request it to be deleted. That will free up that Twitter/Facebook account in our database, and you can then connect using your primary account’s settings.

  1. I never created this account.

It is possible you came over to Liyamu from Facebook or Twitter to read a story, and then tried to interact with the story by recommending, following, or highlighting. You then would have gone through a quick sign-up flow, which would have created your account. We do not automatically create your account. If you no longer want this account, you can request a deletion via mailing us to .

  1. How do I edit my profile?

Move the mouse over to the top left area of your post area and select “Edit my profile” and edit your profile.

  1. How do I set my profile image?

Profile image is set automatically via your Gravatar account via your WordPress account. If you wish to add your image, then please create an account on and link it to Use the same email address for these sign-ups as you used to register on Liyamu. Once you do this, the image will automatically appear.

Unfortunately we can’t import your Facebook / Twitter profile picture at the moment due to privacy reasons, we are working on a fix for this.

  1. Do I have to have a Twitter / Facebook account?

No. You can sign up on Liyamu by clicking the “Write a story” button and then clicking the “Register” button from the login screen. However we recommend you to connect with Facebook or Twitter.

  1. I closed / restarted my Twitter / Facebook account. How do I log back in?

We don’t have a way to change the Twitter/Facebook relationship to your account. When you create a new Twitter/Facebook account, you get a new identification token associated with the account, even if it’s the same username that you had previously. If that token doesn’t match the one in our records, you can’t log in.

However, if you create a new Liyamu account with the new Twitter / Facebook account, we can transfer your stories and drafts over. If you get the message that your email address is in use while creating the new Liyamu account and you use Gmail, you can add a ‘+anything’ to your email address like this ( and our system will recognize your email as a new address.

Once you create a new Liyamu account, contact with the old and new Liyamu usernames and we will transfer any stories from the old account to the new one, and then delete the old account from Liyamu.


  1. Can anyone publish on Liyamu?

Yes, anyone can publish their story on Liyamu. However the publishing process is monitored through a “reviewing process”, where certain stories where rules are violated are omitted.

  1. My post URL is wrong

If you have already published your story and the title is wrong in the URL, email us on and we can fix it for you.

  1. Can I write in any language?

No. You may write only in Sinhala, Tamil and English.

  1. Why can’t I write?

You are using mobile web, or an unsupported browser.

  1. I lost my draft!

Try to recover it using the history button (click the down arrow in the upper right and choose “history”). If you are unable to recover it, please email us.

  1. Can I embed media?

Absolutely! You can embed any type of media you want (photos, videos, etc.). Just click on “Add media” to upload and add media to your story.

  1. What are responses and how do they work?

When you find a story that inspires, enrages, or otherwise engages you, use the space at the bottom of the original post to write your comment. Or maybe you have a question you want answered, or stories you want to hear. Jump in and make your voice heard.


  1. How do I tag my story?

You can use tags to let readers find your article quickly. You can add several tags that are relevant to your article.


  1. How do I change my preview image that gets displayed on the home page?

When you are writing an article use the “Featured Image” option on the bottom of the page.

  1. How can get my title image to fit correctly?

Images are responsive the size of your screen, because of this, we recommend using a rectangular image at least 1000 px wide. Make sure all the interesting bits are near the center of the frame.

  1. Why can’t I upload my image?

Make sure it’s less than 5 MB, or 3 MB if it’s an animated gif.

If you have a Facebook account, please use the space above to reply. If not, leave a reply here: