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Reflections on the South

I was born in Colombo but am reluctant to call it home. What is home, anyway? Is it necessarily predicated on where you grew up with your family? Perhaps, but not quite. I’ve come to believe that “home” is as multifaceted as everything else in this wide universe of ours, and while one cannot and […]Read More

International schools: issues, problems, myths, and drivel

Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka, at a convention held last week, spoke on private education and the Kannangara reforms. He spoke on international schools and argued that they should either be closed down or be integrated with the country. That is pertinent but certainly does raise some hairs. He then went on to imply that while […]Read More

‘Maathra 9’: Bringing out Perception

School shows are a dime a dozen these days. Some make it to the headlines, others don’t. A few, very few in fact, go beyond splashing colour in the news and make a name for themselves. By default therefore, older shows are more reputed and hence well known. Their more recent counterparts, on the other […]Read More

Freelancers aren’t (for) free!

Not everyone has time on their hands. Not everyone has the luxury of patience in this vast, interminable world. Not everyone’s plate is full. Not everyone has or rather can afford to reserve time for others, and even if they could they end up giving up what they could have done for themselves. That’s blunt, […]Read More

On People, Poverty, Parties, & The Periphery

About two years ago, someone pointed out to me that the SLFP housed racists and the UNP housed those who were against racism. I believed him, but pointed out that it’s always a fallacy to associate a political party with a set political ideology, especially in as small and unpredictable country as ours. I also […]Read More

Ravindra Randeniya: Reflections on Versatility

Most people, having seen one or two key performances of an actor, tend to disregard his other credits, to the point of stereotyping him. I am not suggesting that this is the case with Ravindra Randeniya. But it seems to me that we have, as audiences and film buffs, managed to disregard certain performances of […]Read More

Movie Review: “Let Her Cry”

I know a teacher who offers comments about our cinema from time to time. Just the other day we were talking about Asoka Handagama. He hadn’t seen “Let Her Cry”, which was previewed to the media a month back and given a limited release at Regal some weeks ago, but based on what I told […]Read More

Between love notes and fistfights

There are stars who fade and those who don’t. There are also those whose names are so etched in our collective memory, that to lose them from our “caress” (so to speak) would be nothing less than a travesty, a momentary lapse, on our part. We owe it to these men and women, these icons […]Read More

“Deadpool”: Reflections on 100 minutes

“Deadpool” was marketed as a “Valentine’s Day Movie”. It’s not (and I’m not revealing a spoiler here), but that’s not what perturbs me. The simple fact of the matter is, it’s superbly crafted, keeps to a terse, tight plotline, and obviously has a sense of self-amusement that I haven’t come across in any other superhero […]Read More

Objectifying taste in the movies

Not too long ago, a friend of mine accused me of trying to objectify taste in movies. We were (as I remember) arguing about the gulf between kitsch (or rubbish) and art in our cinema, and not surprisingly I was with the purists (whom I end up with, somehow or the other). My contention was […]Read More