Nimna Perera

Breaking Habits

Why should it be difficult to let go of beliefs that held you back? Why should you be afraid to break those traditions that make you feel like a prisoner? I am sure you have some habits that you want to get rid of, or maybe you don’t even know you have them. But if […]Read More

Mountains and Dandelions

Mountains, trees, and planetshave their own life-spans;We must be like dandelionsto those mighty mountains!I wonder whether they get mad at usfor making noises and such a fuss...But then again,Would you be mad at dandelionsif they landed on your shoulders?So won't those timeless bouldersthe humanly eternal mountains. Spread the love!            Read More

Iftah Yah Simsim (Open Sesame!)

A shrine made with things I gathered:stones, bones, shells, and feathers.Boughs, leaves, and petals withered and painted face of the sacred mother, Scented candles that burn on bright A tapestry of Van Gogh’s Starry Night A forest sky lit up with fairy lights guided me through my first ever sight “Scattered are the healers, known-unknown yet […]Read More

A Warrior

I knew I was a mess:It was not news.Looked like a clean, neat lifeeager to be a wife,to be the Doll in the House,that feather-brain spouse.I thought I could fit in,tame and fill inthe mysterious black holesof those white souls;so I did, with fireworks and blazing reduced to ironies and puns. First there was […]Read More

The Portal

It was still late winter, snailing its way to early spring. You could trace the moist path of the days dragging on and on in search of a feast of sunlight. Mornings set up the fashion trend of the week (sometimes of the whole month) as they dressed up in gloomy, mossy greyish-green coats. Afternoons […]Read More

Achaemenid Garden

I was balancing rocks by a babbling brook. The earthly colors of the smooth spheres of rocks at the bottom of the brook were distinctly visible through its pure glacier water. The stinging cold of the water told me that they all melted not far from where I was sitting. The air, the water, the earth were […]Read More