I cheated

I cheated Don’t ask me why, it’s not a sin I created Those lips so shameless Please hear my lies, I was helpless Cheap pleasure cost me so much, I cannot measure the pain I caused you with no gain Saw her feet come towards me I didn’t turn away I stayed I watched I […]Read More

Tall, Dark, Stranger…

One gloomy day I think it was May My mind was in wonderland, far away Then came that jerk Shook me back to work Until I noticed your pretty smirk Thought it was strange how you made me change You left me feeling so deranged You never looked back You left my world black I […]Read More

Just Crazy Rhymes

Look at me now, do you think I’m gonna sob? You and your lies, you did a great job! I’m stuck inside and I’ve lost the door knob You threw me away like a used cotton swab! Thought you were a keeper You made me a weeper Being with you was like playing Minesweeper You […]Read More


Hey stranger, are you done? Did you have enough? Do you no longer want my love? And my heart is tied It can’t move, it can love no more Is this what you planned? Do you still want something more? Was your ego so low babe? Was it so hard watching me fly? Your catapult […]Read More


Why? W-H-Y Why was I born if my life’s a waste of time? Why don’t I have a voice like a wind chime? Is my destiny only to rhyme? Why do I sigh? Why do I lie? Why do I cry when I can fake a smile? Why do I try to hit the bull’s-eye? […]Read More


I look at you How come the more I see you the more I miss you More you smile the more I’m sad When just one glance used to make me glad You said you’re never gonna let me go Now I know Why I can’t leave you alone You said you’ll never give up […]Read More


Is it possible to hate someone you’ve never really met? That poisonous, man-eating, viscous little snake! Stalking that other girl like she is your prey When he wouldn’t stay You know EXACTLY what to say “Oh, darling brother!” Though you wish he was your lover Oh, you won’t blow your cover as you insist that […]Read More

I became alive when I died…

Feeling low when I’m high You’re so harsh when you’re kind I learnt to love when you hated me My tears dried as i cried Saw the smiles in your frowns I stood up when you brought me down I learnt to see when you blinded me to hear the silence in your sounds My […]Read More


Love Baby I think I’m in love ‘cuz baby when the push comes to shove I think of you…   Alone When i’m feeling all alone When all the good feelings are gone I think of you…   Wishing on a star Lonely rides in the car When you are near, when you are far […]Read More