Aching soul

Touch my aching soul,

once more.

As I scream within my core…

No one knows

The horrors galore.

Raging within my glow.

Yes I glow,….

in the dark I glow.

In the pale moonlight I roar.

But asleep ,

by the break of dawn.

Then I pick up all the pieces,

Fix my high heels on;

mingle with pretenders.

Wait a minute! let me me prep my mask…

Wipe away the tear stains

Powder these red cheeks

Pull out my vengeance:

Apply it on my pale lips…

Because I’ve got the control.

But yet again

In the pale moonlight

As my aging body shudders

At the memories we made

Under the pale moonlight

Then the fire starts to glow…In my eyes and in my soul

It burns so much

That my tears are not enough

to bring calm to this storm

So please

Darling;can I call you my darling just this night?

Come again , just this one time

And touch my aching soul

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Juliet Rajasingham

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