If you were closer

‘I wish you were closer’
What more could happen?

Our hands could interlace,

Lips could taste each others

Or as you say, ‘Let the hearts connect’

I feel these voices from the heart,

are nothing but water in a parched dessert.

What difference could it make,

My beloved? Would the life be fair

If you were closer to me, would it be just
when our your fingers fit between mine,

Or when our lips connect the hearts?

These hearts speak nothing but baloney

What contradiction do you see in it,

than telling an dying old man about

a fountain of eternal youth or
speaking the destitute of beauty in all the

far away lands they could never travel?

Should we let the words deceive us

Or should we just look the devil in the eye?

‘I wish you were closer’, so I could show

How this “love” falls on it’s knees against
life’s demolition, let you witness how

Merciless life could be…
Oh my  beloved, I feel nothing but
the bitterness of life across the pouring

sweetness of your love, dreams you voice to

reveal nothing but the burden of responsibility

This would only take us away from what’s

real, the dreams will only bring us

disappointment, this love will only be

Just another fairy tale which the life would

not allow to exist…

I feel my heart seeks something else

Something which plays no part in this

drama of pure deceitfulness…

do you still…’Wish I were closer’, my love?

What difference could it bring…

This life will be merciless even if

You were, or not, it will always be.

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