A typical Tuesday morning

I set my foot forward

Ready for the exhausting venture

Of earning a living

My face full of sorrow

My mind basking in regrets

I stroll with my head bowed

Reflecting on the nightmare awaiting at work…

When my eyes catch a glimpse too common

A canine mother

Down the side of the road

Cloaked in a thin coat of skin

Covering her small physique

Eyes… Melancholy and tired

Yet glancing with adore at her kids

Four in total,

Basking in the warmth of a mother’s love…

And then a sight, so scarce

Little toes next to them


On prolonged scrutinize,

I see a countenance full of smiles

Heading towards the canine friends

A package in his hands

I move closer

and witness proof to a historic bond…

The little lad extends his hands

Offering ‘tipi tip’ to his roadside allies

And watching with smiles as she gulps on them

Her eyes full of warm recognition

“Thank you,human” inked all over her face

Such a captivating sight

And tears pool in my eyes

I’m suddenly ecstatic

My heart sings in joy

A rare facade of humanity unfolded

And my dad isn’t as bad anymore…

“Thank you, human”





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Shehara Malshani

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