Half A Fortnight

On the forest of life,once I found,
A blooming flower,on top of a mound,
So elegant,so calm,Oh!did it astound,
in all it’s wonder I was caught and bound

Before I think and before I speak,
It cast a spell,with a blinding streak,
To thwart it’s effect,I am too weak,
A growing love that will never peak

A soul so deep,you can never fill,
A sink of energy that will never spill,
Such is the valiance,the courage and will,
If not a lung,you will have a gill

Unquestionable,it has been from birth,
Your heart dwells in an ocean of mirth,
It is to me,as Sun is to Earth,
Feeding life,to quench it’s dearth

A drop of water,on a blade of grass,
It’s fate rests on the winds that pass,
Oh my bliss!it’s nothing but a glass,
Hoisted on the mercy of you lass

Words spoken,Words written-put their strengths to test,
The former triumphs,no doubt it’s best,
So few,So much-invert that!,dearest
Oh my!what it would bring,in the form of zest

Two souls raft,down a river they dart,
Will one fall?refuse they to part,
Can you decline,true to your heart?
Hasn’t it been joyous?hitherto from start

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