The Unforgetful Moon

The flock of Stars, flock noon and night
When the Sun stars, fade soon from sight

Earth Angel’s the one, perched on the sky they watch
“Oh you selfish Sun!”, utters Moon across the watch

“The school of Stars, I always let them through
Teaching them a lesson? Have they ever wronged you?”

I won’t be the Sun! Even though you’re mine
All your dear ones, let everyone shine

But aren’t they just Stars? Each pale as a ghost
I am mighty Moon! Don’t I love you most?

Ever wondered? of a rose petal which hides
Different sweet smells, on each of its two sides
How could I have ever, imagined them to be?
On the velvet cheeks, of my own sweet pea!

On every single day, as you leave my bound
Showers kiss the earth! As I cry a mute sound
Imprisoned by pride? Rain was the escape they found
My jubilant dry tears, find their way to the ground

Take three flowers! You know what they don’t share?
They smell different! Could anyone even care?
Your cheeks, your hands and your sweet hair
Since when were they flowers? How is that fair?

Third of a dozen fortnights! Has it been that much?
I forgot our last! Forgive me as such
Wish I could say, as our fingers touch
“Gelukkige verjaardag liefde”! Hope you get my Dutch!

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