Wouldn’t you rather

If I bought you a million dollar wrist watch,
darling, do you think
it would stop time for us?
would we feel as free, in an infinity pool
will the water kiss us like ocean waves?
would diamonds the size a fist,
mean that you have the same size
of a heart full of love,
just because the champagne glasses brimmed
would our days too brim
with mad love?

Wouldn’t you rather find
that dusty book
you and I always wanted
in the dingy little corner
of a second hand store,
rather scrape our knees
hiking an endless plain,
and complain how
big the world
is compared to us.
but trade
several thousand smiles
to luxury nights
in concrete boxes
that steal our skies?
wouldn’t you rather read
the stories written
in the stars,
for the next ten thousand nights?

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