Me and my golden swan

I wake up, It’s dawn
I’m reborn, to a new day, a new life, I spawn
But then I remember you and I moan
Cause I realize this is just another morn
That will eventually be gone
And soon, the night stars be shone
And I’ll be all alone

I know you’re the queen, I’m just a pawn
Still you’re the one that I want
You’re unique, a golden swan, a unicorn
It’s like I’m Villgax, and you got the Omnitrix on
You’re like the AllSpark, and I’m Megatron
Or I’m Michael Jackson in the cinema, and you’re my popcorn

Anyways, now you’re gone
and I’m still all alone, I moan
Every now and then I pick up my phone
To check if I’ve muted the ringtone
No I haven’t. I open the window pane and stare at the lawn
Wait… is that you on the street holding hands with that dude named Shawn!?!
Okay, so I’m mind-blown. What are you doing with him out in the dawn?
It’s like my heart just turned to stone
My insides don’t feel human, I’m gone robotic, a cyborg, a drone

I seize my love which I gave you as a loan
Wow, now I feel better, like I’m reborn
Nothing’s holding me back, I’m free as a fawn
Running free on the grassy plains of Sierra Leone
Yes, I’m still all alone, but I don’t moan
Looks like Vilgax finally got the Omnitrix on
Michael Jackson’s not is not in the cinema, he’s singing another song
Now that the golden feathers of the swan are gone
I bury your memories, no need for a tombstone
Only a bit*h would cheat for another bone

Wait… I take another look at you and I groan
That’s not you In the street with Shawn!
She ‘looks’ like you, but she’s ‘not’ you! ahh, that’s just an impostor or a clone
You’ll never brake the promises you once sworn
I take back the things I said, all withdrawn,
And well, it’s still dawn
But it feels like I’ve been through a cyclone, in the other side of the Ozone
I’m still all alone
Yet you’re still my golden swan
Forever on & on & on


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