I cheated

I cheated
Don’t ask me why, it’s not a sin I created
Those lips so shameless
Please hear my lies, I was helpless
Cheap pleasure
cost me so much, I cannot measure
the pain
I caused you with no gain
Saw her feet
come towards me
I didn’t turn away
I stayed
I watched
I felt her touch
I saw you
Even with my eyes closed, I saw you
but I ignored you
That moment, so blue
you waited without a clue
stuck in your innocence so true
Oh! for a muse of fire
ripping off our attire
Her caramel skin
I lanced her from within
she lied to me
Just for the night
Let’s pretend this is right
I was free to choose, but not from the consequence
Yet I chose the booze in red heels, it made no sense
Now here I am
Holding your hand
Looking in to your eyes
wanting to remember the lies
I was to say
hoping to make things okay
hoping to save you from this hell
but it didn’t go well
You knew from the red imprint
and her fragrance, Rosemary-mint
It’s not the lie that broke us apart
It’s the truth, the truth broke your heart
So here I am… I lost the war
‘cuz I never realized what I was fighting for

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