Tall, Dark, Stranger…

One gloomy day
I think it was May
My mind was in wonderland, far away

Then came that jerk
Shook me back to work
Until I noticed your pretty smirk

Thought it was strange
how you made me change
You left me feeling so deranged

You never looked back
You left my world black
I wanted to be Jill to your Jack

You were my stranger
My tall and dark stranger
You were the one I wanted most
You had those sleepy eyes
I wanted to make them mine
Without you I was so lost

You were my daydream
The cherry on my ice-cream
You kept me waiting on my toes
Each time I caught your eye
my heart whooped, I felt so high
You were my drug, I was overdosed

But you left with no goodbyes
I ran around looking for your eyes
Oh the things I couldn’t say
to you screamed out in my brain

You were gone, I had no choice
I couldn’t even hear your voice
Oh I lost my one last chance
to make you my bad romance

You were the boy
the source of my joy
the one I should never have ever lost
So I won’t give in
You’re my perfect sin
So I’ll find you at all costs!

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