Just Crazy Rhymes

Look at me now, do you think I’m gonna sob?
You and your lies, you did a great job!
I’m stuck inside and I’ve lost the door knob
You threw me away like a used cotton swab!

Thought you were a keeper
You made me a weeper
Being with you was like playing Minesweeper
You make me wanna
hit you with a slipper
After that i’m gonna chase you with a clipper

Maybe then I can chill and dance on my rooftop
I will paint a wall
and hug a Gaul
And cry non-stop
It’s raining and I feel so cold in my tank top
Waiting for his call
No he won’t call
Oh, here’s the teardrop!

Yes, I’m outta my mind
just writing crazy rhymes
On a Friday morning
when I should be studying

I do silly things, do you copy?
I will ask for tea and then say I want coffee
I’ll go ahead
and eat some bread
and change my name to Penelope

Do u still think that I have a high entropy?
I just so badly wanna find that dwarf named Dopey
I can’t twerk
Gosh, I’m going back to my studies.

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