Hey stranger,
are you done? Did you have enough?
Do you no longer want my love?

And my heart is tied
It can’t move, it can love no more
Is this what you planned?
Do you still want something more?

Was your ego so low babe?
Was it so hard watching me fly?
Your catapult shot me down
Is that joy in your eyes?

My heart was sealed
You made me feel
That what we have is the real deal
You saw my fears
You wiped my tears
When all were far, you were always near

Then you said that you wanted more
When i said no, you said I’m a whore
Is that exactly how you felt before
when you wanted me as your amour?

Then you tried to force the deal with a kiss
When I said no, you made me your nemesis
You tried to make me his, push me back to the abyss
Guess what baby, now I’m really really pissed

Hey boy,
when you love, why is it so rough?
Did you leave your last love in cuffs?

Every step you took
left a trail of crushed hearts behind
Ruby red drops of love
drying out in the harsh sunshine

And that is where I found mine…

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