In silence I see a shadow,

Drift through the summer storm

Ghostly manners, so defining

A secret that once was known


I reached out to touch the shadow

Since it now had gained a form

But it drifted like a lightning,

And made me move along.


My feet now learning and speed defining,

My ache to know the truth

As winds so fierce brought heavenly tears

I simply stood to see


The pain now reached ecstatic heights

And darkness turned to white.

As flakes of bitter coldness cried,

My heart was in throbbing plight.


I watched as the form, stopped to stare

Up at the dim grey dawn

It produced a hand: reaching out

And turned to meet me right there


We walked in careful counted steps

To meet our only dawn

A dream we see in destiny

That forever, will be gone.


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Juliet Rajasingham

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