A firefly and a gloomy night


It was merely midnight
Someone was knocking on my door
Deeply breathing behind it
Two tiny black eyes glowed
In the darkness
When it was raining cats and dogs
Hardly saw her face
When sky lightened…
Nothing appeared so gorgeous
Around my habitat like her
Soaked in wet clothes
Trembling hands
Helpless poor puppy ….
I widely opened the door
Gesturing her to come in
A glance of hesitated mind
With a thankful smile
No words spoken
Entered into the most cursed house
Stepped towards the fire…
Had been staring at the fire
For minutes and minutes
Like she was burning in it
No words yet
Deep sighs disturbed the silence
Her eyes,
carrying heavy tears
sparkled in the light of fire
Rain was almost over by dawn
Still staring at fire
Wanted to offer her a cup of coffee
A beautiful smile for kind hospitality
She rushed out of my palace
I knew
Fireflies cannot be seen during mornings
I glared until her shadow vanishing
At the end of the road
I wish
if she knew
That I was dumb

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