A warrior heart; scratched, pierced, bruised.

Elastic skin; cut, withered, dry.

Tired soul; wandering, climbing, still surviving.

A woman; hurt, crushed, but withstanding.


You see her smile, you see her eyes

You think she is a pretty lie

You take her hand, you take her life

A one night stand , while she survives


As you leave her to bask in pain

As you go boasting about your gain

As you remind her that she is slain

You forget she’s human, so do remain.


Do remain to hold her

Do remind her that you need her

If you dont mean it, if you dont need it

Without using, just leave her.


For in her darkened corner

As she drowns in sorrows deeper

Surpressed by all fear and hatred

She has no choice but to forgive her


Forgive herself for mistakes

Forgive herself for your embrace

Forgive herself to hide her shame

Forgiveness, to ease the pain.

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Juliet Rajasingham

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