Why was I born if my life’s a waste of time?
Why don’t I have a voice like a wind chime?
Is my destiny only to rhyme?
Why do I sigh?
Why do I lie?
Why do I cry when I can fake a smile?
Why do I try
to hit the bull’s-eye?
Why do my wings shrivel when I wanna fly?
My oh my!
My lips feel dry!’
Why do I tremble when you’re by my side?
Oh, yeah, you were the diamond of my eye
I was so bold and you were so shy
I made you mine
Then time passed by
And you changed lines
And you became a beast
You made me cry and plead
You picked me from West and dropped me at East
You made me your feast
And now you say “Please” ????
Yeah, you’ve got some guts, I can say that at least
Why did I ignore all the red signs?
Why didn’t I realize, love was a crime?
Don’t worry I’m fine
I cannot say why
but I guess we’re meant to fail when we try
We meet with a Hi
We part with goodbyes
Is that what life is until we die?

So many questions WHY?
Do we really need answers?
I’d rather not reply

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