The Game

Once, in the field of time

My heart was an option

Seated on the bleachers

Waiting, waiting, waiting


Gameplay began

When you sought my hand

Turned my life into a plight to score

Point after point for me


A point, for my joy

A point, for my fear

A point, for my pain

A point, for my gain


In muddy rains we ran across

Tossing are hearts; to, and fro

With passion, raging

In you and me


Entangled in our own net

We fell deeper in pain

Where was the love

When we first met?


Blood gushed through the throbbing wounds

inside our self-dug grave

Words transformed into bullet proof

As love could not pierce through


Tears turned into torrents

Our embrace became a current

That dragged me

Into chaotic pain


As she entered our field

As you made her believe

That I could not,

But she, she will complete


She will complete you

She will love you

She will walk the mile for you

She will be, she will be, you


Then, we shed blood

We cut ourselves with revenge

With hurt, with lust

Then with guilt, with memories

With more words, with more grief

And now,

Don’t you see our game

Its never complete.


Because I know , that still

We fight to hide

We fight to hide

What we feel…


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Juliet Rajasingham

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