I look at you
How come the more I see you the more I miss you
More you smile the more I’m sad
When just one glance used to make me glad

You said you’re never gonna let me go
Now I know
Why I can’t leave you alone
You said you’ll never give up on me
Now I see
Why you spread these lies about me
You said you’re never gonna see me cry
Maybe that is why
You turned away as tears filled my eyes

Boredom was a stranger when you were with me
It was our laughter that filled them with jealousy
So they gave you bait
And that bait you ate
And that’s why you left me with haste
Now I sit here in this corner
And watch as you laugh with her
It hurts when you flirt
And my curse will submerge
As the waters of our memories make me warmer
You said ours was forever
It was clever
how your words fooled me whenever
You said you were glad that you found me
Now I feel
Everyone’s approval’s what you seek
Said, with me there is nothing you lack
When times got black
All I saw was your back

So I look away
How come the more I hate you the more I can’t escape
From the shadow of your embrace
From our good old days?
You’re my best mistake.

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