Is it possible to hate someone you’ve never really met?
That poisonous, man-eating, viscous little snake!
Stalking that other girl like she is your prey
When he wouldn’t stay
You know EXACTLY what to say
“Oh, darling brother!”
Though you wish he was your lover
Oh, you won’t blow your cover
as you insist that he should love her
You won’t surrender
Mind bender
Love transgender
Yes, this poem is about you
Is it too good to be true?
Your idol for a day
For your lies, I had to pay!
Did you think I’m a buffet,
to be eaten away?
Tricked me in to saying
That he was playing
Then I was crying
And he was shouting
He said he’s leaving
and he left
and now I’m effed
Friendless, I’m stressed
Hatred flows out from your pores
Your rancor, I’ll expose
Distress you have caused
to my lover, friend and foe
Forgiven, I will say
But in my heart, you’re slayed

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