I became alive when I died…

 I became alive when I died…

Feeling low when I’m high
You’re so harsh when you’re kind
I learnt to love when you hated me
My tears dried as i cried

Saw the smiles in your frowns
I stood up when you brought me down
I learnt to see when you blinded me
to hear the silence in your sounds

My wounds healed as you stabbed me
Breathed as you strangled me
The strength in my broken bones
Helped me move as you tied me

You were the sorrow in my joy
You played me like a toy
I saw the light when you blinded me
I will save what you destroyed

Met the demon in your angel
I came alive as I died


  • very beautiful. hope no one will ever go through something like this …

  • Truly breathtaking, never knew the this side of you. Amazing talent !

  • Simply amazing girl 😀 can’t believe how u kept hiding this amazing talent!

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