The Ride of Repentance.

I have changed, in a way,good or bad I do not know.
I am starting to realize the difference.. the change brought about.
Yes, I have changed indeed ! neither good nor bad but sad..
In a sad way.. in a way that i have become vulnerable..
I am being punished.. punished for letting my covers down
this change has taught me things and left me unveiled..
uncovered and unstable.. now in the times of solitude..
I yearn for the past.. to repeat itself..over and over again
I need to participate in the roller coaster ride..
ride of emotion and empathy” so they call it.
I shalt get my self together…
I shall mend my broken self.. to be shattered again..
Sometimes a sudden shook will bring memories of a sensation
a sentiment of attachment, ownership and synchronized mindfulness
“You have been deceived !” I would push on myself.
” they call this love?! “. I must pick up my pieces..
Then I remember the bliss, that urge.. which makes you want to
dance and sing and smile without reason.
This bliss is something ! Maybe that’s why I still need it
and feel powerless and weak in my knees without it..
You shouldn’t have let me taste it !
Look what I have become.. I lost my vials in mid-air,
through the last coaster ride.. Oh the vials of emotion, empathy
and the sense of responsibility, lost but never found..
I think I have pulled my self together..
darling.. I guess i’m ready to take the ride.

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  • @anujaR very good stuff keep it up.
    shalt get my self together…
    I shall mend my broken self.. to be shattered again..
    these two lines really gt me hooked .

  • @HeshanMolligoda thanks bro !

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